Acacia, is a Masonic Study Circle for all ardent students of Freemasonry interested in increasing their knowledge on the mysteries of Freemasonry.

Meets in Freemasons' Hall, Chennai on the 2nd Mondays in March, June, September and December.

"Freemasonry entered the Indian Sub-Continent about two and half centuries ago and this Country has produced many Freemasons with deep insight into the mysteries of Freemasonry."

- IVM Krishna Rav, First Chairman of Acacia

Founded on the 27th Day of December 1977,

in Madras by Eight Master Masons,

ardent students of Freemasonry.....

Associate Membership is open

to any Master Mason of a Craft Lodge of UGLE,

Grand Lodge of Scotland.....

To provide a center and a bond of union of

Masonic Students - imbue them with

a Love of Masonic research and study.....


Concept & Design : Aditya Creations. Trichy